"40/4" stacking chairs

Designer: David Rowland

Iconic 40/4 Chair (2x)

Revered for its sculptured design, unsurpassed in stacking abilities, and praised for its durability, the 40/4 chair has won countless awards and proven itself as one of the most versatile and recognizable stacking chairs since its design in 1964. 
The story goes: When designer David Rowland brought his idea for a stacking chair with a slim profile to Knoll in 1964, they didn’t want it. Decades of popularity have proven that Rowland’s idea was genius. Called the 40/4 Chair because you can stack 40 of them in 4 feet, the “durable, comfortable, and functional” chair belongs to OSI Furniture
This chair is arguably one of the most important designs of the 20th century, and is featured in design collections and museums the world over, in recognition of its elegant lines, excellent ergonomics, unsurpassed stacking and handling, as well as space-saving advantages for flexible interiors.


Condition Good
Material Wood, Metal
Color Brown
Width 48 cm
Height 76 cm
Length 51 cm
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